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Established in 2019, CV Mahakam Indonusa is founded with a culture of integrity.

About our company

a brief story about the company

Our Journey began in August 2019 by our founder Rizqi Mahendra and Firdaus Halim, Mahakam Indonusa is named based on the largest river in East Kalimantan, the Mahakam river. The company is comparatively new, which was founded in 2019, yet the founders’ have sufficient expertise in the technical field experience. Firdaus Halim has experience in civil engineering since 2003 as a supervisor and planner of technical consultant, along with Rizqi Mahendra has experience in financial services and heavy equipment since 2011 and has been a director of the construction company PT. Indonesia Bangkit mandiri from 2016 to 2018.

We are looking forward that CV. Mahakam Indonusa, the same as Mahakam river, provides many benefits to the wider community, especially to the people of East Kalimantan. Considering that currently the infrastructure facilities are inadequate, even the infrastructure facilities have not been built at all in many areas in the East Kalimantan. We are challenged to answer these infrastructure problems, thus here we are as Mahakam Construction which always prioritizes professionalism and integrity in running our business.

team members

Our Super team

Rizqi Mahendra

Chief Executive Officer

Indonesian citizen, born in Blitar domiciled in Surabaya.
Graduated with a bachelor’s degree Social and Political Science from Airlangga University Surabaya in 2010.
Began career at PT. Surya Artha Nusantara Finance member of astra financial services in 2011 as Account Executive. Appointed as Director of PT. Indonesia Bangkit Mandiri in (2016 – 2018) based on AGMS dated 21 January 2016. Rizqi mahendra concurrently serves as Commissioner of CV. Pinaringan Fortuna Indonusa since 2018 and President Commissioner of PT. Mahakam Sinergi Indonusa since 2022.

Firdaus Halim

Chief Operating Officer

An Indonesian Citizen, born and lived in Samarinda, and completed his Civil Engineering Study at the 17 August University of Samarinda in 2007. Starting his career in the construction sector as a consultant supervisor in 2004, and is currently holding the position of main director both at CV. Sawi Mahakam Consultant since 2007 and at PT. Mahakam Sinergi Indonusa since 2022.


About our services

We are one of the leading Construction Services Development companies in Kalimantan. Our specialist engineers and technicians are on call to provide a professional and swift response – no matter where you are.

At Mahakam’s Construction Company we are excited by the challenge of erecting complex structures. We believe that all successful complex projects are collaborative and therefore rely upon the knowledge and expertise of our project team to deliver our promise of Integrity and Excellence. Managing your project from beginning to end. Our commitment to quality ensures that


Key Factors


We are committed to maintaining our competitive position in the industry by striving to continuously improve our performance. This improvement is best accomplished by performing our activities more efficiently.


A building contractor has multiple responsibilities,. Our responsibility extends from the beginning to the end of the project, regardless of its scope.


The foundation of any relationship, whether in the construction industry or not, is trust. Trusting and respecting one another ensures that our company will continue to stand strong


We are committed to providing each employee the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform their tasks in a safe manner.

Our Clients

Those who trust us


Jl. Ahmad Yani 2 No. 15 B Kec. Sungai Pinang Kota Samarinda – Kaltim 75242


0541 – 7813082


Established in 2019, CV Mahakam Indonusa is founded with a culture of integrity.

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