How did it start?

Our journey began in 2015 when our founder, Rizqi Mahendra, decided to resign from his job at finance sector due and moved to construction industry sector in Kalimantan. It brought him to meet with a Building Consultant named Firdaus Halim. Seeing the opportunities that are still wide open in that region, especially in Samarinda, they decided to cooperate in the sector with the experience they have. With only a reputation, now it needed to form and name a company and hire someone could trust. In honor of territory, they named the company Mahakam Indonusa that was taken from the largest river in East Kalimantan ‘Mahakam’.

CV Mahakam Indonusa was founded in 2019. In line with the government’s development program, we are determined to play an active role in implementing it, based on confidence in one’s own abilities in a professional and responsible manner. Mahakam Indonusa is a company engaged in construction services which includes the construction of buildings, road construction, irrigation/channels, lightweight steel roof trusses, etc. Nearly 50 years later Mahakam Indonusa Construction Company’s strong reputation continues.


We surpass rugged industry standards for quality, safety, and productivity.


  1. Empowering our employees to be leaders, to be creative, to work safely and to be stewards of quality.
  2. Doing business with integrity, honesty, and professionalism.
  3. Providing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, dedicated not only to customer satisfaction, but to Each Other.
  4. Performing quality work.


Jl. Ahmad Yani 2 No. 15 B Kec. Sungai Pinang Kota Samarinda – Kaltim 75242


0541 – 7813082


Established in 2019, CV Mahakam Indonusa is founded with a culture of integrity.

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